About This Man, Herbert (その男, ヘルベルトにつき Sono Otoko, Heruberuto Nitsuki) is the eighteenth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the fourty-third episode of the anime series overall.


After finding out the location of Orpheus Order's hideout from Pinochle, Kaito and the gang head there, where they are confronted by Herbert, who is wearing two rings. He challenges Kaito to puzzle in which he must use a boat to ferry everyone across to the other side whilst taking into consideration roles they have been given, with Kaito requesting to meet with Freecell should he win. Things get a little complicated when two necessary keys are thrown into the mix. Despite some last minute interference by Herbert, Kaito manages to solve the puzzle. As Kaito commends Herbert on his puzzle, he becomes possessed by the rings and activates a bomb against his will, causing the puzzle room to collapse with Kaito and Herbert inside it.


Major EventsEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit



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