Ana Gram (アナ・グラム Ana Guramu) is a student at Root Academy. He is currently a Solver and holds the title of Da Vinci.


Ana is a boy who is always mistaken for a girl. He has long, brown, straight hair and green eyes. He wears a long white and yellow dress, an orange scarf, white bandages on his arms and white slippers.  


His personality is very flamboyant, and female like, he even has a female sounding voice. For some reason not yet explained he likes to wear gowns. He is known for talking to the spirits of old artists, and has been known to do art based on what the spirits tell him to do. He is fantastic in all kinds of art and would spend most of his time in the art room and is known for never going to his other classes. He is otherwise very sweet and socially awkward.


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  • His Name is a pun on "Anagram".


  • "Howawan,,, Fuwawaan..."



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