Bishop (ビショップ Bishoppu) is a member of POG and serves as Rook's right hand man. He is a Giver.[1]


Bishop has got brown hair and blue eyes. He is always seen wearing his POG uniform which consists of a very long blue coat, a light blue long sleeved shirt, blue trousers and brown boots.


Bishop, is very loyal towards Rook because he thinks that he would lead the POG to greatness. He is very polite and calm obeying Rook's orders without complain, like when Rook decided to make a very dangerous puzzle. He knew that the puzzle was impossible to solve but he said only "Yes, sir" and went away probably because he trusted him.


Season OneEdit

He is first seen telling Rook of a boy named Kaito.

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit




  • His name comes from the chess piece Bishop.




  1. Official game website character description. Retrieved 17/03/2014.

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