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Elena Himekawa (姫川 エレナ Himekawa Erena) is an idol who hosts the show "Puzzle Kingdom". She is also a POG member holding the title Antoinette.


Elena has long, bright, pink hair and pink eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a black skirt, white shirt with a black necktie and a matching black jacket. She is later seen wearing a pink shirt, purple skirt, a light blue jacket, black stockings and a pair of brown shoes.


At first she appears to be arrogant and selfish, not working for something she's not pleased with and being rather mean to her opponents in the "Puzzle Kingdom". Elena used to hate people who have friends, including Kaito's group. But after losing against him she becomes more friendly with them and shows a more cheerful personality. She even showed to be worried when Gammon decided to join POG, asking Kaito and Nonoha to make him return to the way he was before. Elena seems to have a crush on him and accidentely admitted it in front of Kaito and Nonoha.


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