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Freecell is one of the Orpheus Order's members. He appears to have a personal grudge against Kaito Daimon, believing that his mother died because he broke his promise to him.


Freecell has chin length, wavy, white hair and blue eyes. His outfit consists of a long blue coat over a white shirt, blue jeans and brown boots.


Freecell's real personality was not shown, but when using the Orpheus's Ring he is shown vengeful while making Kaito pay for not fulfilling his promise. Freecell also has a contradiction in being childish and playful or dark and sadistic. Freecell loved his mother but at the same time hated her, we do not know if that is his genuine feelings or the Orpheus Ring.


Freecell is a student of the Crossfield Academy. When he was a child, Freecell was lonely and wanted to be friends with Kaito because he admired him. So he asked Kaito to solve a puzzle with him, Kaito said that he would be there on Monday, happy Freecell rushes home to tell his mom making her happy. When Sunday came, Freecell waited all day and seeing that Kaito wasn't coming headed home. Freecell was sad and dissapointed that Kaito broke his promise to come, walks home to find his mother dead. It was later discovered that Freecell hated his mother, because she was cold to him.

After joining the Orpheus Order Freecell owned a Replica Ring that he thought was an original Orpheus Ring. He later made the fake into a real Orpheus Ring. Freecell was mad at Kaito for making his mother die sad and breaking his promise. He wanted to play puzzle time with Kaito because of the promise Kaito made.

In the third season, wants to redeem himself in front of Melancholy.


  • Along with Klondike, Whist, Mizerka and Pinochle, Freecell's name is based on forms of solitaire.
  • Unlike Rook, Freecell is not a Giver, but a Solver. Instead of challenging Kaito with Puzzles Freecell battles Kaito.
  • Gamon Frisell offered to meet with Melancholy.
  • He seems to have a crush on Nonoha.
  • Freecell has some similarities with Rook: Both were corrupted by the Orpheus' Ring, they have white hair and blue eyes, both have a grudge against Kaito and both challenged him to a Puzzle of God they made.