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Herbert Müller (ヘルベルト・ミューラー Heruberuto Myuuraa) used to be the POG Far East Chief but was forced to quit after being defeated by Kaito Daimon. He was a member of the Orpheus Order in season 2 and was one of the antagonists. In season 3, he returns as an antagonist and Enigma's servant. Being present in all seasons, he is one of the major antagonists of the series despite his role usually not being very prominent.


Herbert is a tall man with very long black hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. He usually wears a gray suit over a black shirt and a white scarf.


Herbert is cynical, creating murderous puzzles for his opponents. He doesn't seem to care what happens to them or to his own subordinates. Herbert also hates to lose, being quite frustrated after Kaito defeated him.