In this section there will be all the puzzles of the anime.

Episode 1Edit

Main Puzzle:Edit

Ep1 - 1

The map of the labyrinth.

Kaito and Okudera where trying to solve a secret labyrinth behind the school. Kaito wonders if that is really a puzzle, because puzzles don't endanger lives.

Ep1 - 5.2

The Sliding Puzzle solved.

Kaito returns to the Hidden Labyrinth with Nonoha and finds a Sliding Puzzle that opens the door.

Ep1 - 6

Nonoha falls in one of the many traps that can be found in the labyrinth.

Nonoha runs along the maze and falls into a trap, but Kaito quickly grabs her hand and pulls her back. The puzzle has traps even on the right route

Ep1 - 7

After getting in a place Kaito wants to search, Nonoha remembers that the patterns in the columns are the same, and Kaito finds the column with an odd pattern. After pushing the column the walls move and a new path is showed.

Ep1 - 8

The Hidden Labyrinth map solved.

So Kaito advances through the maze and the two successfully solve the puzzle.

Sub Puzzles:Edit

The gadget Kaito gets from Souji contains puzzles for him to solve. Also Takeda challenges Kaito to a Sudoku game.

Ep1 - 3

The Cross Sum solved.

Ep1- 13

The Number Area puzzle.

Ep1 - 4

The Block Cutter puzzle.

Ep1 - 2

Takeda's Sudoku.

At the end of the first episode Kaito is given a puzzle by Minotaur to test the Orpheus' Armband.

Ep1 - 9

The mechanism of the puzzle.

You must choose and pull one of the three ropes in front of you

Ep1 - 11

The water is flowing through.

The water is flowing towards the supporting beams.

Soon, they will not be able to support the weight of the water.

If you want to survive, you must pull the rope that stops the water's flow.

However, if you pull the wrong rope, the ruins will instantly collapse.

Ep1 - 10

Kaito has to pull one of the ropes.

When Kaito awakens the Orpheus' Armband, he quickly knows how to solve the puzzle. This happens in the second episode.

By eliminating all the dummy engines, Kaito traces a path through the puzzle and pulls the middle rope. The puzzle was solved.
Ep1 - 12

Puzzle solved.

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