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Mizerka (ミゼルカ Mizeruka) is a member of the Orpheus Order and one of the main antagonists in the second season of the anime series Phi Brain:Kami no Puzzle.


Mizerka has got blue eyes and white hair, wearing a clip with a red rose. Her outfit consists of a blue waistcoat over a white shirt, a pair of purple fingerless gloves and gray/white trousers. She has got a mature look and she puts lipstick on her lips.


Mizerka is a quiet and reserved person who hates carefree people like Ana Gram. She sees Melancholy as a younger sister, but sometimes she can be intimidated by her. Mizerka also seems to be very good friends with Ana's older sister, Eve Gram and cares a lot for her, being upset when she found out that her Armband was fake.

Mizerka said herself that she wants to be depended on and was happy when Doubt told her to come with him.


  • Along with Klondike, Freecell, Whist and Pinochle, Mizerka's name is based on forms of solitaire.