Phi Brain: Puzzle of God (ファイ・ブレイン 神のパズル Fai Burein Kami no Pazuru) is a anime television series produced by Sunrise. The anime has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.


Kaito Daimon is a brilliant 16-year-old teenager who loves to solve puzzles. He acquires an enigmatic item called the Armband of Orpheus that allows him to fully use his brain, but that consequentially drains him completely. Currently attending Root Academy, he is invited by the school principal to confront a secret organization named POG that creates deadly Sage Puzzles. Given the title of Einstein, Kaito battles against the mysterious group in order to keep a promise he made as a child while at the same time he heads towards the ultimate test: the Puzzle of God.

Series CompositionEdit


Japanese CastEdit

English CastEdit


Japanese StaffEdit

Original CreatorEdit

Directed ByEdit

  • Junichi Sato (佐藤 順一 Satō Jun'ichi]]
  • Hirotaka Endo (遠藤 広隆 Endo Hirotaka)


Series CompositionEdit

  • Mayori Sekijima (関島 眞頼 Sekijima Mayori)
  • Junichi Sato (佐藤 順一 Satō Jun'ichi]]



Episode DirectorEdit

Production CoordinationEdit

Character DesignEdit

  • Yohei Sasaki (佐々木 洋平 Sasaki Yōhei)

Puzzle DesignEdit

  • Gouchi Kuniyoshi (郷内 邦義 Kuniyoshi Gōchi)

Art DirectorEdit

  • Norifumi Nakamura (中村 典史 Nakamura Norifumi)
  • Jirou Kouno (河野 次郎 Kōno Jirō)

Background ArtEdit

Conceptual DesignEdit

Color DesignEdit

  • Akiko Inoue (井上 昭子 Inoue Akiko)

Edited ByEdit

Animation ProducersEdit

  • Atsushi Umezaki (Umezaki Atsushi)
  • Naotake Furusato (古里 尚丈 Furusato Naotake)

Animation Production AssistantEdit

Animation DirectorEdit

  • Yohei Sasaki (佐々木 洋平 Sasaki Yōhei)

Key AnimationEdit

In-Between AnimationEdit

Clean-Up AnimationEdit


  • Akio Izutsu (井筒 昭雄 Izutsu Akio)

Sound DirectorEdit

  • Yota Tsuruoka (鶴岡 陽太 Tsuruoka Yota)

Recording EngineerEdit

Sound EffectsEdit

Director of PhotographyEdit

  • Hiroyuki Chiba (千葉 洋之 Chiba Hiroyuki)


English StaffEdit

Executive ProducerEdit


Casting DirectorEdit

Dialogue EditingEdit

Re-Recording MixingEdit

Recording EngineerEdit

Script AdaptationEdit

Subtitle ScriptEdit

Supervising ProducerEdit

Talent CoordinationEdit

Video Post-ProductionEdit

Voice DirectionEdit

OP & ED SongsEdit

OP Theme (Season One): Brain Diver by May'nEdit

OP Theme (Second Two): Now Or Never by NanoEdit

OP Theme (Second Three): Destiny by NekoEdit

ED Theme (Season One): HologramEdit

ED Theme (Second Two): Super StepEdit

ED Theme (Second Three): Say Yeah!Edit

Episode ListEdit

See List of Episodes for more information.



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