Invitation from a Nightmare (悪夢からの招待状 Akumukara no Shōtaijō) is the fifth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season One and the fifth episode of the anime series overall.


The POG extend an invitation to Kaito, who is accompanied by Nonoha and Gammon, to their headquarters. As the three make their way through the maze to meet with the POG's head, Kaito notices something eerily familiar about the puzzles they have to solve. This particularly holds true to the final puzzle, which is similar to a puzzle that took the lives of Kaito's parents. As Kaito goes berserk at the memory of it, Cubic helps Nonoha snap him out of it by shocking him with her cookies. Since this causes Kaito to pass out, the mysterious POG head cancels the meeting. After Kaito recovers, he finds himself having trouble solving even a simple puzzle.


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