The Truth (真実 Shinjitsu) is the seventeenth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season One and the seventeenth episode of the anime series overall.


As Kaito and the others return to Japan, they find the principal, Baron Kaido, has gone missing. Later on, Kaito is summoned by the POG to the place where his parents died. As Kaito and the others arrive at the location and find Baron, Kaito receives a video revealing his parents were POG Givers monitoring his potential for Phi Brain. Baron further reveals that they weren't his real parents, as well as revealing himself to be a POG member. Baron decides to tell Kaito everything about the Phi Brain project, revealing that his parents went against the POG's orders and took the Fool's Puzzle that killed them in place of Kaito to protect him. Baron shows Kaito another video, showing that, despite not being his real parents, they truly loved him like their own child, which also shocks Rook. Determined to give his parents a proper farewell, Kaito activates his Orpheus state and solves the Fool's Puzzle once and for all. After telling Kaito that Jin is being held captive by the POG, he leaves and is captured by the POG for his betrayal.


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