Licky-Licky's Trap (ぺろりんぽろりんのワナ Perorin Pororin no Wana) is the third episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the twenty-eighth episode of the anime series overall.


While at the arcade, clumsy Puzzle Club member Airi Mizutani is approached by a member of the Orpheus Order, Mizerka, who gives her an Orpheus Ring. After putting it on, Airi suddenly becomes more intelligent and less clumsy. She then lures Nonoha into a trap in order to challenge Kaito to a puzzle where he must solve a crane puzzle in a limited amount of moves in order to save Nonoha. What proves difficult is Airi's stubbornness, as she constantly resets the puzzle every time Kaito comes close to winning. Just then, Airi enters an Orpheus state and brings up a seemingly impossible puzzle before losing consciousness. However, Kaito manages to solve the puzzle, only to discover Nonoha wasn't in any danger at all, while the Orpheus Ring breaks and Airi returns to her normal self as Mizerka records the data from the puzzle match.


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