Promise (約束 Yakusoku) is the seventh episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the thirty-second episode of the anime series overall.


Kaito begins his match against Pinochle, who is able to predict Kaito's moves after having studied his data, though Kaito manages to turn that aspect against him, by predicting what Pinchole expects of him. As Kaito gains the upper hand, Pinochle begins revealing things about his past at Crossfield Academy, reminding him of a promise he made with Freecell to solve a puzzle, that he broke while searching for Rook that day, which supposedly led to the death of Freecell's mother. Kaito then remembers Freecell, the weight of the information wavers his determination and ends up losing the match. Afterwards, Freecell, becomes angered that Pinochle made Kaito forcibly remember him.


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