The Truth of Smiles (笑顔の真実 Egao no Shinjitsu) is the ninth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the thirty-fourth episode of the anime series overall.


As Freecell refuses to tell Kaito the truth about what happened to his mother, Gammon gets Whist to combine the remaining two matches into a tag-team duel with Kaito and Gammon against Freecell and Doubt. As Kaito continues to struggle throughout the game, Freecell continues to torment him. Just then, Cubic receives the date he had Souji analyse, revealing that Freecell and the others had been consumed by the Orpheus rings, which are controlling their emotions just like Rook was. As Nonoha reminds him of his promise to solve all puzzles, Kaito regains his senses and works with Gammon to win the game.

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