Nonoha Wants to Solve Puzzles Too! (ノノハだって解きたい! Nonoha Datte Tokitai!) is the eleventh episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the thirty-sixth episode of the anime series overall.


With the vacation now fully puzzle focused, Nonoha feels like she has nothing to do. Wanting to spend more time with everyone, Nonoha decides to join in Elena's intense puzzle training. Although she sucks at the physical puzzle, she shows talent in solving digital versions of the Kenja Puzzles they faced before thanks to her photographic memory. After feeling a bit more left out, Nonoha becomes determined to solve a puzzle she received from Kaito when she was little before the camp ends. As she focuses on the puzzle, the others seem to get a little less enthusiastic. On the last day of the camp, Airi and Miharu come to Nonoha for help with preparing breakfast. Afterwards, Nonoha realises she still has a place to belong to even without puzzles.


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