The Demon Returns (帰ってきた悪魔 Kaittekita Akuma) is the fourteenth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the thirty-ninth episode of the anime series overall.


Elena is told off by Tamaki after makes various 'improvements' to the school without permission. Meanwhile, former POG member Herbert Muller appears before the Orpheus Order, beating Doubt in a puzzle and revealing he has a genuine Orpheus Bangle. As Whist decides to tell Freecell the intentions of their leader, Klondike, Herbert kidnaps Elena to lure Kaito and Nonoha to a film studio, where they must both battle against two Orpheus Order members, Wu and Noh, in order to rescue Elena. As Nonoha struggles to keep up, Rook shows up to take her place, along with Bishop who rescues Elena, allowing Kaito and Rook to beat the puzzle.


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