Puzzles are the main theme in the Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle anime series and are said to reflect the Giver's feelings and personality. There are many types of puzzles featured in the anime. 

Types of PuzzlesEdit

Sage's PuzzleEdit

The Sage's Puzzles (賢者のパズル Kenja no Pazuru) are created in order to seal a client's "treasure"(). The stonehenge and the pyramids are examples in ancient times. They are very difficult and almost impossible to solve. Only those who have the potential to solve the puzzle will be able to acquire the "treasure". Although initially opposed to solving them, Daimon Kaito realises quickly that he enjoys the challenges set as well as admiring the feelings of the Giver, on multiple occasions noting that he can "feel the warmth" of the puzzle.

Fool's PuzzleEdit

The Fool's Puzzles (愚者のパズル Gusha no Pazuru) are made with the goal to bring out an individual's "Phi Brain" potential and is of a high degree of difficulty. Unlike the "Puzzle of the Wise", there is no "treasure" sealed. A Solver with no potential to achieve the "Phi Brain" would endanger his/her life. Daimon Kaito notes that the Fool's Puzzles feel "cold", due to the fact they are built with the intention of nothing but forcing the development of the "Phi Brain".

Puzzle of JudgementEdit

The Puzzles of Judgement (裁きのパズル Sabaki no Pazuru) are made by the Orpheus Order members and people whose emotions were taken over by the fake Orpheus artifacts. Similar to the Fool's Puzzles, the Puzzles of Judgement offer no sort of treasure to the winner. It is noteworthy that many of these puzzles are not dangerous in nature, but the conditions for losing are against the wishes of Kaito and the gang.

Puzzle of GodEdit

The Puzzle of God (神のパズル Kami no Pazuru) is a legendary puzzle, that seals the "Book of God", said to unravel all the mysteries of the universe. The puzzle's location and physical form are currently unknown. It is an unusual puzzle in that it takes two potential "Phi Brains" to solve it. Many associations try to find it and train people who can solve it.

Anime PuzzlesEdit

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