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Raetsel (レイツェル) is a major antagonist of the 3rd season of the Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle anime series. She is acquainted to Jin Makata.


Raetsel has short pink-red hair and green eyes. She is seen in various outfits. Her usual attire consists of a red loose shirt, a light pink skirt, black stockings and brown boots. She also wears a red wristband, a necklace, a green hairpin and matching green earrings. 


Raetsel is cruel as a Giver, aiming to kill her opponents. This is due to her hate for puzzles, wishing to prove that they are not necessary. However, she had shown a much softer and childish side when being around Jin.


Jin MakataEdit

Jin and Raetsel had known each other for a long time. They traveled together after Jin had met Rook and Kaito. Not only does she remember everything Jin taught her, but she also knows many things about her mysterious teacher. Raetsel seems to have romantic feelings for Jin and is very determined to get his memories back. She is also very protective of him.

Kaito DaimonEdit

Raetsel and Kaito are rivals. She is usually annoyed by his apparent ignorance regarding Jin's memories and his real personality.



  • Her name, Raetsel, means riddle in German.