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Rook Banjou Crossfield (ルーク・盤城・クロスフィールド Rūku Banjō Kurosufīrudo) is Kaito's childhood friend and the current leader of the POG organization.


Rook has white hair and blue eyes. His hair covers his left eye which is red because he has the Armlet of Orpheus. His outfit consists of a white, long jacket, white trousers and white shoes. Sometimes he is seen wearing a more casual attire consisting of a blue hooded sweatshirt over a white T-shirt, black trousers and white sneakers.


He is very calm and collected (barely disturbed by anything). However, he secretly used to rely on Kaito when they were children. When he was young he was very lonely and Kaito was the only one who became his friend. Rook was very kind and sensitive but because of the of Armband of Orpheus, he became cold, inflexible and cruel. Nevertheless, he continues to care about Kaito and he wants to have him by his side forever.


Rook was raised as a child and trained to become a Phi Brain child by the POG, and presumably Count Pythagoras. He was locked inside of a facility and taught to invent murderous puzzles. Later, he attempted to battle Daimon Kaito to solve the Puzzle of God and obtain the God Scroll. After Kaito frees Rook from his Armlet of Orpheus, Rook sets out to undo his wrongdoings. As director of POG, Rook helps Kaito and his friends gather information about the Orpheus Order. Rook is killed in a competitive style puzzle he created when he was still under the influence of the Armlet of Orpheus. He sacrificed himself so that Kaito was able to live and defeat Orpheus. However, in the final episode he reappears, having faked his death in order to trick Orpheus and ultimately defeat him.


  • He has obtained the Armband of Orpheus through unknown means.
  • He's a Phi Brain child like Kaito.
  • He has a strong bond with Kaito since they were was young and claims that they will be forever bound by puzzles.
  • Because of the death of Count Pythagoras, he has become the supreme leader of POG.
  • Due to his genius level intellect he has amazing skill in chess. His skill was enough to give the Student Council president Souji trouble when they played against each other.
  • His name is based on different games: Rooks as in the chess piece, Banjou refers to board games and Crossfield to crosswords.

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