The Sad Clown (悲しき道化師 Kanashiki Dōkeshi) is the twenty-first episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the fourty-sixth episode of the anime series overall.


Mizerka and Doubt are sent a password to access their confidential files, where they learn the truth about their rings. As Mizerka learns Melancholy had been playing along with her the entire time, she and Doubt get their rings upgraded by Doubt and go to challenge Kaito and Ana to a final puzzle. Baron agrees to the challenge and has Gammon construct a collapsing construction beam puzzle to battle on. As the puzzle goes on, everyone takes after Ana's example and enjoy the puzzle. As Kaito gets into a winning position, Mizerka expresses her desire to live, and both her and Doubt's rings break, although they are both rescued. Afterwards, Pinocle reveals he was the one who sent Mizerka the password so they could be saved. Meanwhile, Freecell meets up with Orpheus Order's leader, Klondike.


Major EventsEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit



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